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Bed Bug Feeding on human skin

Bed Bug

Bed Bug feeding on Human Skin

Bed Bug Eggs

Bed Bug Eggs

Laid within a day or two of mating, & hatches in 6 to 9 days

Adult Bed Bugs Mating

Bed Bugs Mating

Another example of tramatic insemination, which is also known as hypodermic insemination.

Bed Bugs feed only on blood . They may penetrate the skin several times with their piercing mouthparts before settling in to feed.  Adult Bed Bugs will mate soon after feeding.  Female Bed Bugs will begin laying eggs within a day or two of feeding and mating.  Eggs will hatch in 6 to 9 days and, with access to regular blood meals, Baby Bed Bugs (Nymphs) will continue to develop and multiply.